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A Fresh Approach to Dental Care

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Our fresh approach to dentistry is to invest in a relationship with our patients. We don’t view someone looking for a new dentist as an opportunity for a one-time appointment. We like to build long-term relationships with patients and provide them with a dental home they can trust. People who get regular dental exams and professional cleanings usually have better oral health than someone who actively avoids visiting a dentist unless they have to. At Richard L. Rausch, DDS in Rockefeller Plaza, we strive to be the place where you feel comfortable and respected. We’re also proud that we strive to provide the best dental care possible in a clean, sterile setting.

We urge you to come in and meet us. You can ask for a tour if you want one. We would love you to see how visiting a dentist can be a positive experience. Our team can schedule an appointment for you and you’ll see how we can take care of all your oral health needs. Experience the difference {OFFICE NAME] provides.

Patient Comfort is Our Priority

We like people who visit our dental office in Rockefeller Plaza for the first time to feel like they have a new dental home. Therefore, we greet everyone who enters warmly, like we are glad to see them, which we are. We keep our waiting room and treatment rooms relaxing and comforting. There’s nothing like a crowded, noisy waiting room to increase your anxiety instead of reducing it. You’ll also find our waiting room and treatment rooms are spotlessly clean, too. Feel free to bring your children in, as we offer services for them, too.

We want you to feel comfortable during your dental treatment, too. Our dentist’s in Rockefeller Plaza use local anesthetics to numb patients, so they feel no pain during treatment. There is nothing more uncomfortable than pain. Relaxation methods we employ can also help our patients feel more comfortable.

When we hear our patients are at home, uncomfortable because of a dental emergency, we can often get them in on the same day. Call us at Richard L. Rausch, DDS and tell us what is happening. We’ll let you know if you need urgent care. If you can wait, we’ll provide resources for you in the meantime to prevent the problem from getting worse or to ease your discomfort. We may have to refer you to someone in our network if we can’t get you in quickly enough.

We Practice Compassionate Care

Compassionate care is simply understanding your patients. At Richard L. Rausch, DDS, we know some people are nervous about coming in or feel ashamed of their smile. Anxiety when thinking about a dentist appointment can stem from an unpleasant experience with another dentist or a person could have had parents who were also anxious about dental appointments. This anxiety, or stories about painful procedures, makes an impression on children. We see other people who haven’t seen a dentist in years and have a lot of dental problems. They are afraid we will lecture them, but we would never do that. At Richard L. Rausch, DDS, we are not judgmental. You could have had very good reasons for not making dental appointments before. If you want to get your dental health back on track, we’ll be glad to help.

We also know patients don’t like pain. They want to know we won’t start any procedure until their mouth is numb. Your dentist will also continuously check on you during your procedure. Pain does not have to be part of dental treatments. If you’re searching for a compassionate dentist in Rockefeller Plaza, contact us today.

We Can Connect You with Specialists

Our dentists are your primary dental care providers, but you may need to see a specialist. We maintain a network of specialty dental providers for cases like these. These are professionals we know and trust. Some may practice in our office, while others may be located elsewhere. We may refer you to one of the providers in our network if you have an emergency and we can’t get you in right away.

How Do We Practice Collaborative Care?

Collaborative dental care empowers patients to make informed decisions about their treatment plan. Our dentists explain your diagnosis and which treatment options they recommend. You learn how each procedure works, how long it takes, and its cost. We never push expensive treatments just to make more money. Our only interest is what is best for you in your unique situation.

Collaborative dental care is also about your dentist actively listening to you. You’ll discuss your lifestyle, budget and goals for your dental health. This allows him or her to create a custom treatment plan that is right for you. If you have an immediate issue, we’ll treat you and then talk about a long-term treatment plan for your dental health. We understand it is hard to pay attention when you have a toothache and that is all you can think about.

Our Communication Skills are Second to None

For a dentist, or any other dental professional, excellent communication skills are vital. Great communication starts when you make an appointment. We give you choices; if you want to book an appointment online or by telephone. You can also check us out on social media to learn more about our practice and become familiar with us before you step in the door.

A dental hygienist has to communicate well, as it is their role to show patients proper at-home dental care. For example, they have to explain how to floss correctly, verbally, and by showing people by example. They also have to explain why it is so vital without sounding like they are lecturing patients. Dentists also have to explain recommended procedures and diagnoses to patients in a language they can easily understand. They do this in the treatment room where there are no distractions and you can concentrate on what your dentist is telling you. You can also have a friend or relative come in during this time so they can help you to remember the options. Our dentists are equally skilled at communicating aftercare instructions after a procedure. They will make sure you understand the healing process so your recovery is quick.

If you want to visit a dental practice in Rockefeller Plaza that values good communication with patients, please contact Richard L. Rausch, DDS today. We would love to hear from you!

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