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How to Recognize a Great Dentist in Rockefeller Plaza When You Find One

woman with caring dental professionals

Having a great dentist can make the difference between feeling good about keeping your mouth healthy and your smile looking great and avoiding getting the dental care you need to do so. What makes for a great dentist, though? What qualities should you look for to let you know you’ve found a dentist to whom you can entrust your oral health? Below, we’ve laid out several of the most important of these qualities and we show how they make our dental office in Rockefeller Plaza the one to trust with the health and appearance of your mouth.

First and foremost, your dentist in Rockefeller Plaza and their staff should be knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and trustworthy. Your dentist and dental team should be compassionate and have great communication abilities. And, in the most practical of senses, your dental office should be located conveniently to your home or workplace and available for appointments when you can make them. That’s why, if you live or work in or around Rockefeller Plaza, Richard L. Rausch, DDS is the right dental office for you.

What else do we offer that we hope demonstrates our commitment to excellence as your dental office in Rockefeller Plaza?

Your Dentist

The dentist you see in our office will always treat you with the utmost dignity and respect. They will take however much time with you that you need to understand fully the condition of your teeth and mouth, the procedures being performed on you that day and the aftercare and preventative care you can perform at home once you leave the office. Your dentist will show you any X-rays they take and explain to you what you are both looking at. Before your dentist uses any device on your mouth, they will explain what it is, what it does and what it should feel like.

If you have dental anxiety, your dentist will also offer ways to help you feel calm and comfortable, from playing music you enjoy to, when necessary, offering sedation dentistry. After you’ve undergone a dental procedure, your dentist will even follow up with you to make sure your recovery is going smoothly and as planned.

Your dentist doesn’t only need to be well-trained, experienced and skilled in dentistry to serve you well; your dentist also needs to be compassionate and empathetic to your feelings, concerns and needs. Your dentist should be highly attuned to your degree of comfort and do what’s necessary to restore or improve your comfort when it seems called for.

At the same time, your dentist needs to be honest with you at all times. As comfortable as your dentist may want to make you, they can’t sugar-coat your condition, prognosis or necessary treatment either. If your dentist notices a problem with your mouth, no matter how mild or severe, they will point it out to you, let you know how it can progress and advise you of all recommended potential courses of treatment. This will include the level of difficulty, pain or discomfort and recovery time associated with each treatment option. That way, you can feel fully informed as you make the ultimate decisions about your own care and treatment.

And if, in the worst of cases, certain damage is too far gone for a complete recovery–such as if a tooth must be pulled–your dentist will be honest with that as well and then inform you of any restorative or cosmetic options available to you after the problem is dealt with.

Your Dental Team

The dental staff who greets you and serves you in our office are also as open, available, patient and communicative as the dentist you’ll see. The staff will always greet you welcomingly when you walk through the door. They will make sure you’re comfortable in the waiting room and available to answer any questions you have about such matters as the cost of treatment or scheduling future appointments. Our staff will also provide reminders of upcoming appointments over text, email or telephone according to your preferences.

If you have children accompanying you, our staff will make sure your children feel just as welcomed, safe and comfortable in our office. And, while we’re on the subject of children, our office also provides pediatric dentistry services. That means you can get all your family dentistry needs taken care of in one place.

There’s a terrible impact to choosing a bad dentist. Going to see the dentist can be so stressful that you start avoiding it altogether. Then, dental problems go unnoticed or untreated, leaving you in pain and with dental damage or disease that can only worsen. In order to schedule and show up for regular dental appointments, you need a dentist you can trust and feel safe with.

As one study found, people were 54 percent less likely to have a dentist they saw regularly if they already had a low trust of dentists. Whether your mistrust of dentists stems from a prior negative encounter with a dentist or simply natural dental anxiety, our aim is to help you heal, overcome and transform those negative perceptions of dentistry to positive ones. We desire to partner with you in making oral care and your oral health something you’re enthusiastic and feel empowered about.

At Richard L. Rausch, DDS, we’ll never rush you out of the dental chair in order to see as many patients in one day as possible. We’ll never try to upsell you to a procedure you don’t need or steer you to the more expensive treatment options available.

We’ll work with you to make your dental care affordable, from helping you get your dental insurance company to pay for as much of it as possible to coming up with a payment arrangement together that allows you to realistically afford the care you need.

For a dentist in Rockefeller Plaza you can feel good about, call Richard L. Rausch, DDS today. Not only will we schedule you for an appointment with a great dentist, but we’ll take the first step in developing what we hope will be a lifelong partnership in your oral health.

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