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Depending on the situation, dental emergencies can slowly develop or happen fast. Whether it’s dental decay or broken teeth from an accident, it’s important to know who to call for emergency dental treatment. However, not everyone expects to need emergency dental care, so they often ask, “Is there an emergency dental office near me?” If you’re in this situation, our emergency dentists in Rockefeller Plaza are available during normal business hours to treat your dental problem.

Where Do I Look for an Emergency Dentist?

Waiting to get treatment for a dental emergency puts you at risk for developing complications. If you’re asking, “Where do I locate emergency dental care near me?” you’ve already found it.

Our emergency dentists in Rockefeller Plaza perform all types of dental procedures and treatments during regular business hours. Following treatment, we help you learn how to keep similar conditions from developing again. Contact our office now so that we can schedule your evaluation and treatment.

Emergency Dental Treatment: What Is It?

Urgent dental care is any form of treatment that you need immediately. The purpose of emergency dental services is to keep conditions such as tooth damage or simple aches from becoming more severe. Getting emergency treatment also prevents dental conditions from permanently damaging your teeth.

Our emergency dentists can perform a range of dental procedures and treatments. Here’s a list of some of the dental services that we offer during routine business hours:

  • Emergency tooth pulling
  • Treatment for oral pressure and pain from injuries or cavities
  • Emergency repair for cracked, fractured, and chipped teeth
  • Loose or lost filling or crown restorations
  • Orthodontic pain
  • Repair for displaced wires and broken brackets
  • Treatment for wisdom tooth swelling and pain
  • Dental infection treatment

When Urgent Dental Treatment Is Needed

Are you having trouble deciding whether your condition is a dental emergency? When you have a broken tooth, cavity, or an infection that causes discomfort, you might feel like you need an emergency room. However, there are many emergency dental care options that an emergency dental office can address. Get more information below about dental emergencies that don’t require 911 assistance.

Fractured or Broken Teeth

You need to get emergency treatment when your have fractured or broken teeth. This is because leaving them untreated increases your risk for infection and more structural damage. Call our office to set up an urgent appointment for treatment. In the interim, cover any jagged edges on the teeth to prevent your cheek and tongue from lacerations.

Dislodged Teeth

Having your teeth knocked out is not only painful, it is also scary. In such a situation, it’s important to stay calm and look for all of the pieces. Next, use warm water as a mouth rinse, and hold the teeth by the crown to try to put them back in place. Call our office for more directions and to set up an emergency appointment. When you get treatment soon enough, our emergency dentists may be able to reimplant your dislodged teeth.

Serious Toothache Pain or Pressure

Don’t ignore serious toothache pain or pressure when you also have a fever, an earache, or other signs of illness. Your symptoms could be the result of many conditions. Schedule an appointment with our office for a full evaluation and emergency tooth pain relief.

Sensitive Teeth

Urgent dental care isn’t usually necessary for somewhat sensitive teeth. However, you could have a tooth fracture or an infection in the gums when your teeth become very sensitive suddenly. Make an appointment with us so that we can treat the problem.

Decaying Teeth or Cavities

You could develop a serious toothache if the roots of your teeth become exposed because of decaying teeth or cavities. However, you can get pain relief and damaged tooth repair from our dentists. Make an appointment with our emergency dentists to get relief soon.

Abscessed Teeth

There are several causes of infected or abscessed teeth, such as tooth decay, trauma, and gum disease. Infected teeth can causes fevers, swollen neck glands, smelly breath, toothaches and tooth sensitivity. They can also cause open or draining sores near or on the gums as well as swelling in your face and gums. Serious complications can develop when you don’t get treatment, and an emergency tooth extraction may be necessary.

Lost and Loose Fillings

Lost and loose fillings leave your teeth more susceptible to decay and damage. The problem can make your teeth sensitive and painful. Schedule an appointment with us to get treatment as soon as possible.

Broken Crowns and Lost Restorations

Broken crowns and lost restorations cause more than cosmetic problems with your smile, they also expose your teeth to damage. Our emergency dentists can give you a temporary or permanent remedy to protect your teeth and keep your smile beautiful.

Orthodontic Injuries and Pain

Metal braces are known for causing orthodontic injuries and pain. Visit our office so that we can alleviate your symptoms and fix your braces so they don’t cause further injury.

Damaged Tooth Enamel from Teeth Grinding

Your teeth could become exposed because of damaged enamel from teeth grinding. Our emergency dentists can protect your teeth with night guards and make the enamel stronger. Set up an appointment for urgent treatment.

Dental Pain With Sinus Pressure

Dental pain with sinus pressure might indicate a more serious problem such as an infection or impacted wisdom teeth. We can rule out these possibilities and diagnose the cause during an evaluation.

How to Handle Conditions of Higher Severity

When it’s after hours for emergency dentists, you might wonder, “Should I wait to get emergency dental care near me?” There are a few situations that are too serious to wait for emergency dental care. The urgency of the following issues often requires that you call 911 or go to the hospital:

  • Abrupt injuries to your face, teeth, jaw or head
  • Severe swelling of the gums or face
  • Large amounts of blood

What Is the Cost for Emergency Dental Treatment?

Getting emergency dental services varies in cost depending on your condition and the treatments you’ll require. Who performs the procedures is another factor. Going to an emergency dental office for conservative treatment, for instance, will cost less than going to a hospital for oral surgery.

Needing emergency dental care without insurance might make you worry about paying your bill. However, we accept major credit cards and offer other financing options. Call us for more details.

How can I locate an emergency dental office near me late at night or on a weekend?

The severity of your symptoms and condition will help you determine where to seek emergency dental treatment on a weekend or at night. For life-threatening situations at night or on a weekend, go to the nearest hospital or dial 911. Contact our office during routine business hours for non-life-threatening situations.

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