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Oral Hygiene in Rockefeller Plaza, NY

If you care about maintaining a healthy smile, then you need to care about your oral hygiene. Healthy hygiene revolves around good dental care at home and regular dentist visits for preventative check-ups and cleanings. Our dentists can help you protect and preserve your dental health at our dental practice near you.

Why Does Oral Hygiene Matter?

Dental hygiene is very important because it prevents plaque and tartar from forming on your teeth, which results in gum disease, tooth decay, and long-term bad breath. By maintaining good hygiene through daily brushing, flossing, and regular dentist appointments for cleanings and exams, you can have a sparkling, strong, and healthy smile throughout your entire life. Please call our dental office to discover the dental protection that proper dental hygiene can provide.

How Should You Practice Proper Dental Hygiene?

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is much easier than you may think. And with these simple oral hygiene tips, you can protect and preserve your smile for life:

  • Brush your teeth after you eat, in the morning when you get up, and at night before bed
  • At least once a day, gently floss your teeth
  • Brush with a toothbrush with soft or medium bristles
  • Select a fluoride toothpaste for its proven power to strengthen tooth enamel
  • Stop smoking
  • Don’t use tobacco
  • Don’t eat sugary foods or drink sweetened beverages
  • Visit a dentist two times a year for checkups and cleanings.

What Practices Are Vital to the Health of Your Teeth and Gums?

There are many benefits to practicing proper hygiene at home, but this can’t provide the advanced dental defense of regular dentist visits. Seeing a dentist every six months for professional oral hygiene in Rockefeller Plaza can ensure that your smile stays free of plaque and problems, as well as reduce your risk for many medical conditions. To make an appointment today, please call our office.

When Should Your Child Begin Learning About the Need for Oral Hygiene?

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to instill the importance of dental hygiene in your child from the time they are very young. Start by scheduling your child a dentist appointment for a complete dental exam before their first birthday. Then, continue taking them to the dentist for checkups and cleanings twice a year and get them involved in a daily dental hygiene routine at home. Since many children get upset over dental care or going to see the dentist, we have come up with some ideas pleasant to reduce their dental drama. Consider making daily dental care into a family activity or telling kids they can have a healthy surprise after a pleasant dentist visit. For more helpful dental hygiene hints, just call our office and ask.

What Should Be Part of Your Dental Care Routine?

Between twice yearly dental visits, you need to protect your teeth and gums from dental decay and disease with daily oral hygiene at home. Simply follow some basic oral hygiene instructions to preserve the health of your smile. For one, brush your teeth morning, night, and throughout the day after meals. In addition, brush with a small toothbrush with softer bristles and a toothpaste with extra fluoride protection. And floss once or more each day. If you need any assistance with your dental hygiene regimen, call our office and we will be happy to help.

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Dr. Rausch is the best! You will not find a better place to go for dental services, either routine cleaning or more specific dental needs. This team — dentist as well as hygienists and staff — is […]
Brian C.
Been seeing Dr. Rausch for years. Through and gentle, with friendly dental hygienists. The front office staff are on top of their work too.
Brad S.
Dr. Rausch has been my dentist, then my entire family’s dentist, for over 30 years. He is highly skilled, completely trustworthy and has kept all our mouths in terrific shape. Recently, Dr. […]
Clifford Y.
Dr. Richard Rausch has been my dentist since 1989, & in those years I have received the very best professional care from him & his terrific staff. (His office manager is fantastic too.) Dr. […]
Very competent and friendly practice. Highly recommend for all dental needs.
Betty G.
I have been going to Dr. Rausch for 10 years and he is kind, caring and takes a great interest in his patients. Always finds a way to fit you into his busy schedule. His staff is very professional […]
Ricky L.
Great dentist, awesome work, caring and very gentle. Thank you Dr. Rausch !!
Alba G.
AWESOME! Not afraid of dentists anymore. Haven’t met anyone so nice and charming like him. He will make you feel comfortable and relaxed!
Estelle M.
Dr. Rausch, and his staff, are professional, sensitive to your needs, and committed to their profession.
Mary S.
Dr R is an excellent dentist. Have been going for 20 plus years. He is terrific. Everyone in the office is really sensational. Rose is the best dental hygienist ever. Dr. R can do almost anything and […]
Sandy G.
Have always received excellent care, Dr Rausch is such a skilled clinician. I recommend him highly to our entire office, friends, and family.
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